While surfing through Pinterest for another idea we came across a way to make bananas last longer. While the picture website showed a few different ways to make the fruit last longer, Nancy and I picked the tin foil approach. The idea is wrapping tin foil around the stem of a banana bunch which will keep them fresher longer.

Shortly after, Nancy discovered a video where you can take a plastic bag and wrap it around the stem as well. It was then decided that we should put both of these approaches to the test.

After a few days and one knat infestation later, we got our results and they are a bit...questionable. Oh well, time to make banana bread!

Here is the video that Nancy discovered with the plastic bag and let us know what you think about our results.

Also be sure to email Nancy@my1073fm.com or James.Meeks@townsquaremedia.com and let us know what life hacks or awesome recipes you find on Pinterest that you would like us to test.