Driving around Lawton, you see the strangest things. Strange people, hilarious occurrences, the occasional panhandler, and of course... the most epic fails!

Living out in West Lawton, like most, I do a fair share of driving every day. It's a twenty minute or so drive (on a good traffic day) to go from Casa de la Kelso to the Downtown Studio. I'm not complaining about it, I know there are a ton of people that do far more driving each day. I just try to break it up a little.

There's not too many paths to take in this town. Well, not too many if you want to make the drive as efficient as possible... but I don't like sticking to one route. I like to mix it up. I "gallow" as often as possible. You see, "Gallowing" is defined as "Taking a different route home from work each day" and it makes perfect sense.

You have to think of it in the right perspective. I can either take 44 to Rogers Lane and skip Lawton altogether, or I can dip down Cache and see something epic down that stretch of motels and fast food. I'll take the slow, but entertaining route any day.

With technology, it has literally turned you and I into free roaming photo-journalists. Anytime we get that urge, with a swipe and click, there's a memory you can have forever. Or, you know, until you lose your phone into a pitcher of beer because you shouldn't say such things to the hot waitress... But we'll save that for another time.

You see, if you're not gallowing, not only do the terrorists win... you miss the opportunity to snap this: