Any way you slice it up, this would be the perfect gift for your nieces and nephews!

Bagpipes! Of course that's the prime gift to give those who don't live with you!

Here's the game plan. You give your niece/nephew some of these bagpipes for the holidays. Your brother/sister throws a fit, and you go on the defense...

First, you explain how building musical talent at an early age actually makes children smarter. (not sure if it's true, but you can find any result on the web)

Second, you explain how every Johnny/Susie on the block will be getting guitars and keyboards... Unique instruments will teach them individuality and art.

Third, encourage that kid to bust out and praise the racket they make! Get the kid on board, and the parents will have to let them play it.

Four, when the parents insist the kids shouldn't play it... shame the parents. (Pro-Tip - Get the grandparents on board! They'll go with it)

Five, sit back and laugh quietly to yourself. Still, encourage that kid.

Six, expect payback next year.