Before he moved in next to Kramer, before he battled Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld was an incredibly geeky up-and-coming stand-up comic.

In advance of Friday's launch of his very own website,, the legendary comedian is opening up the vaults to give fans a taste of his trademark humor in embryonic form.

The clip is taken from Seinfeld's very first TV gig on a 1977 nationally syndicated New York-set show called Celebrity Cabaret.

It finds the funnyman, bushy-haired, bespectacled and barely old enough to drink, uttering his first televised wisecrack about real-life amusement park rides in the Big Apple, including a roller-coaster ride through the ghetto ("That'll be the first roller coaster where they scream on the flat part of the ride.").

So was Jerry master of his pre-sitcom domain? You be the judge.