I heard Johnny Depp was coming to Lawton for an advance screening of 'The Lone Ranger' and he was bringing the producers and some of the cast with him! I was told I had to keep it a secret. I am horrible at keeping secrets but I had to keep this one or risk losing the chance to review the red carpet.

I kept that secret for almost a month! I had heard rumors, had asked some friends (who also remained tight lipped) but finally received an invitation to the red carpet at the special screening! "Would I like to attend?"  What? Of course I would! But I had to remain quiet about it. They didn't want to create chaos at the screening.

We arrived at the Carmike Cinemas on Cache Road around 1pm on Friday afternoon and set up our table and our laptops. We brought our broadcast equipment "just in case" but we were told to keep it quiet. Around 3pm the representatives from Disney said that we could go ahead and invite the public out for the viewing of the red carpet.Thank goodness we brought our broadcast equipment! The bleachers and the standing areas filled up fast.

While waiting for the guests of honor to arrive we were treated to some Comanche Fancy Dancers and Buckskin Dancers along with the Comanche Drummers. I have observed them dancing in the past and it always gives me chill bumps and a lump in my throat. It is a beautiful sight to watch and the drummers beating on the drum and singing in their native tongue is an eerie, but beautiful sound. The princesses and the warriors danced down and up the red carpet. The dress they wore must have been hot but yet they danced and danced for us. [Article continued below.]

The Comanche medicine man arrived and blessed the area with a cedaring ceremony. We were not allowed to photograph or video this part of the event. The tribal members gathered at the end of the red carpet and prayed. The ceremony was a beautiful sight to watch.

The buses arrived with the tribal chairman, Mr. Wallace Coffey and members of the Comanche Business Committee. I was able to stop Mr. Coffey and ask him about the Comanche warrior that Johnny portrays in the movie; the Yamparika Comanche Crow Dancer (tuhu wii). Mr. Coffey was also a tuhu wii dancer and he discussed the traditions and the meanings behind the black crow on their heads and the black sash around their waste. These were true warriors and would fight to the death.

My dear friend Johnathan Poahway, who was just elected to the board, was all dressed up in his tux with his beautiful wife Christina on his arm. He has bestowed me with the honor of being called his 'numu patsi' which means 'older sister' in the Comanche language. I call him my 'numu tami' which is 'younger brother'. He walks to me and gives me one of his warm embraces and I whisper how proud I am of him.

Then the limos arrive and the crowd goes wild. First to arrive are the two producers of the film, Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski. Critter interviewed Mr. Bruckheimer and and Mr. Verbinski. Johnny Depp arrived on the red carpet and walked his Comanche mother LaDonna Harris to the theater to get her out of the heat. He returned to the red carpet and greeted the hundreds of fans that had waited in the sweltering Oklahoma heat for over 3 hours hoping to get just a glimpse of him. He was gracious and signed many autographs and took lots of photos with his fans. The media waited patiently for him to finish.

He finally arrived at the media area and we were told he was only going to make four stops. If he stopped at our station we were to ask him only one question. Of course I am not shy about getting in there so I make him stop at me. He takes my hand in both of his and greets me. I asked him why he chose to the represent the Comanche's in the tuhu wii dress. He explained that he found these warriors to be very spiritual and brave. He shows me the crow that is tattooed on his hand and the beautiful tuhu wii warrior beaded bolo tie on his neck. He appeared genuinely proud and honored to be representing the Comanches in this way.

Critter from Z94 was allowed to go into the screening of the movie and you can read the review on his blog soon.  I will update you when he has it complete.

If you were unable to attend I hope you enjoy all the photos that we took. Thank you to our friend and photographer Laura Fleming for taking such awesome photos.

If you would like to share your photos with us please feel free to send them to us. Just email them to pics@my1073fm.com