Creed Hardzog is five years old and the son of Chad and Jennifer Hardzog of Elgin. Jennifer is my friend and I want to help as much as I can. Creed is just the sweetest little boy. He has two brothers, Cole and Canyon. Creed was recently diagnosed with several disabling conditions to his left eye. His condition was discovered when his eye began to cross and then stray outward. He would also stumble or trip for no apparent reason.

Don from DJ's Bait Shop is hosting a Poker Run to help raise money for his family. The ride is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th and will begin at DJ's Bait Shop. Breakfast will be served by Edgewater Fire Department from 8am to 10am. First bike out at 10am. Price is $15 for singles, $20 for couples. Any street legal vehicle is welcome to participate.

If you have participated in one of Don's poker runs in the past you know he puts on a great one! They will have an auction and a 50/50 draw. Signal 4 will be playing that evening after the poker run. They will also have some karaoke too. For more information about the poker run feel free to call DJ's at 580-704-9356.

Creed's family is facing some pretty high medical bills. It would be great if you could help out in any way! Following is more information about this brave young man.

Initially he was diagnosed with farsightedness and astigmatism and was prescribed glasses. His vision worsened and the prescription was strengthened. Further testing resulted in a referral to Dr. Damon White, OD, Visual Skills Specialists in Edmond.

Creed is currently enrolled in an aggressive trial treatment program at Visual Skills Specialists. He is driven to Edmond once a week for visual skills exercises. Creed's brain considers his left eye non-functional; favoring his right. As a result, his brain "turns off" his left eye, resulting in the crossing/straying eye. This lack of recognition will cause the left eye to continue to deteriorate and his right eye will be overworked. Creed's depth perception is also impaired, he is not allowed to watch 3D movies because his vision and brain cannot process the 3D effects. He is required to wear his glasses at all times including showering, swimming and general daily activities. The goal is to retrain his brain to accept the left eye allowing it to function as a team with the right eye. If left untreated his quality of life will be severely affected. Reading, sports, walking, driving are examples of what this condition does and will adversely affect.

Creed is a strong and determined boy and accepts his conditions with an amazing understanding for his age. He will be entering kindergarten at Elgin School this fall. He plays t-ball, rides his horse and loves to swim.

His parents are doing everything they possibly can to give this little guy a bright and promising future. The 45 session treatment program cost $5,170. Chad and Jennifer were able to take out a personal loan for the treatments but the expense of travel is high. Approximately $80 to $100 round trip at current fuel costs. Unfortunately, Creed's insurance will not pay for these sessions.