Do you have a teenage or tween daughter that has Bieber Fever?  It hit my house about 3 months ago but I thought it would pass.

Unfortunately it did not.  Last night my daughter Molly announced that a large majority of girls in her class would be wearing purple on Tuesday.  Being the curious dad I asked why.  Dumb dumb me, I should have known that it is only the most important day in the life of any teenage girl, Justin Bieber's birthday.

How could I have missed this important day?  It was not on any calendar at my house, I checked my day planner when I got to work, no nothing there either.   Ok I finally found it...

But why?  Why are girls so gaga over this kid?  I guess you have to go back a couple of generations to see what was making teen girls do the same thing.  Check theses names and see if a light bulb turns on.   Davy Jones, David Cassidy,  Shaun Cassidy, Donny Osmond,  Bobby Sherman.  I guess the list could go on and on.  But for now I guess I'll let Molly have her day.  Who knows what the generation will have.  But one thing is for sure, teen and tween girls will scream and cry over the next one just as they have in the past and as they are today over Justin Bieber.

So has the fever hit your house yet?