Kids are spoiled. No really  they are just as the title says. 

In this day and age it is nothing for a child to be bombarded with all kinds of advertisements from all sorts of media. Weather it be from radio  television or from the internet. There is always something cating the eye or ear or both of our kids.

There are studies that have found the typical child aged 12 to 17 asks his parents to buy a desired item nine times before the parents give in. The fact that kids pester their parents for stuff shouldn't be any surprise. The fact that it works should make you think. Here are some of the other findings.

55% of the 750 kids surveyed said they could usually get their parents to relent, even after the folks had said no.

11% of those aged 12 to 13 admitted they bugged their parents 50 times or more to get something they'd seen advertised.

Four in 10 say they know in advance when their parents will say no -- and they ask anyway.

I have fallen into that trap on several occasions with my children. It is not easy to back out of once you have gotten into that vortex.

Do you find yourself giving in?  What was the last thing you gave in a bought your child? Did you feel guilty about it afterwards?