Dan Whitney a.k.a. "Larry The Cable Guy" has entertained thousands of people through different means. Television, movies, on CD and DVD. You name it and he is there. He has expanded his role in television to the cable channels. He is beginning his second season on the History Channel's "Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy."

He looks at life in America with a different point of view which most of the time is humorous and often quirky.

Larry recently finished a venture to Alaska where a segment of his show was filmed. They went on a stakeout wit authorities on an illegal moose hunt, learned moose calls, and even assisted with an experiment.

He also paid an"unannounced" visit to Sara Palin at her home. "She was a good sport about it," Larry said with a laugh. "She did not shoot me."

The new season of the show premieres on January 11th.



Washington Post