Earlier this year, Lawton's city gov made a big splash planning a responsible recycling program. Generally, the public seemed interested and everything looked like a go. Fast forward to the now, the city still needs an additional 1500 customers to hit the minimum for this service. Where's the hesitation you ask? As with anything, it costs an additional sum on your bill. A whole $7, which is ultra-cheap in the grand scheme of things.

Plus, it's not like the typical recycling programs you may have had in the past. I can remember growing up in Denver, knowing how to recycle. Yes, the city services took care of it, but it came with a catch. You had a small storage tub type blue basket you set out at the curb. It had dividers in it, and you had to neatly organize everything you wanted to recycle. It was a first-world-pain, but anything that is good for Earth is worth the extra five minutes it would take twice a week.

Now, the City of Lawton isn't asking that you put forth any of that effort. You will receive an additional bright blue 95 gallon bin that you can just toss recyclables into. Super easy, really cheap, ultra good for Earth. On the plus side, if enough people sign up, we can actually build our own Lawton recycling center. Not only will that save the fuel it'll take shipping it off to another processor, it'll create some new jobs in town. $7 is what Lawton will charge to do such a good deed, invest in that future. You can sign up here.

City of Lawton