Kim Kardashian baring all in Paper Magazine, please, she's got nothing on this Lawton rapper, and after watching his music video you'll just think 'yeah, that's enough internet today thank you.'

One thing about white rappers, they should just stop because they really make big fools out of themselves. It's like watching any reality show on MTV, they try extremely hard to make you think it's all unscripted and real, when really it's just terrible acting.

The Lawton rapper in this video goes by Knuckles, and although we have to admit the stage name sounds awesome and the video and audio quality is actually pretty good. It's just what's in it is well, not.

We're not sure where Knuckles found his "dancers" (maybe the Lawton Craigslist) but even they're trying too hard with all their twerking and mud wrestling in front of clowns, which gets stranger from there.

The song is titled 'Andyyyy' and the backdrop beat is 'The Andy Griffith Show.' What's next 'Gomer Pyle'?