Just so we're clear, this isn't an advertisement... In fact, I'm hoping Pam & Barry's team doesn't mind me hijacking their listing. You've just got to see it. That being said, lets begin.

Surely I'm not the only person that gets bored enough to look at real estate from time to time. There's a curiosity involved, particularly with newer construction, to see what the popular trends are, and how long they've taken to reach SWOK. Why we're still putting medallions on door frames across Lawton just confuses me. Regardless, there is a ton of style to be found, if you've got the pockets deep enough.

If you were to take a drive out on Old Cache Road, past 82nd street, you'd eventually run across some newer neighborhoods of, for lack of a better term, McMansions. In one of the many gated communities out that way, if you could gain access, you'd eventually run across 1039 NW Thornbury Drive. A sprawling 4700 square foot behemoth of European throwback style. Exposed beams... farmhouse shutters and trim... decorative copper... Everything that was cool, and still relevant about that style.

Priced at nearly triple the median price per square foot, it may seem high, but you're getting a lot. Privacy, safe neighborhood, and neighbors who actually take care of their landscaping. It has four bedrooms, which still isn't very popular in Lawton. Add in the multiple living areas, gourmet kitchen, three-car workshop, and that huge yard that would look better in zoysia... you could almost picture yourself squeezing into this house for the mere asking price of $698,500.00

I know that seems like a lot, but consider what you get. Take a peak at the pics.