A boy from Connecticut brought to the school’s show-and-tell 50 baggies of heroin! The boy had no ideas why he was taken to the principal office! The police arrested the boy’s stepfather- but after reading the article, I looked at my stepson and started to wonder- is providing a stable home the most important thing kids need?

Take for example, the time when Dillon and I were driving back from my piano lesson! We were talking about his new project he would present at his school’s show-and-tell. He has to create one of those big tri-fold boards with information on tornadoes!

I cherish such moments with Dillon because he also has those days where he wants to watch movies that are not age appropriate, you know what I mean, right? He wants to watch ‘Dark Knight’ because he loves super heroes, but what he doesn’t understand is that the movie is too graphical and violent for him to watch and understand. But what happens when he has a sleepover and his friend’s parents are more ‘liberal’ and he gets to watch that movie or another just as equally inappropriate. Needless to say- I worry!

I am a believer that children should be raised knowing their limits. No means No! But I also think spending time with your child listening to what he/she has to say and helping them understand different problems and solutions is the most valuable lesson kids can learn from their parents.

For example, Dillon and I are still working on his show-and-tell project together, figuring out how things work and spending quality time!

Today try to answer me these questions: Who does your kid hang around with?  Do THEY have a stable life?  Could you be that for your kids' friends, too?