When I was growing up I remember loving stand up comedy routines. For example, Steve Martin, Robin Williams , Sam Kinison, Steven Wright and then there was Gallagher- a comedian who smashed watermelons. It came as a shocker when Gallagher suffered a heart attack last night a show in Texas!For the second time in a little over a year the legendary comedian has had a heart attack at age 65-year-old. Gallagher whose real name is Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr., was heading toward the stage at the Texas bar on Wednesday night with another person when he suddenly collapsed. He was taken to a hospital close by. The comedian had suffered a minor heart attack one year ago while onstage performing at the Whiskey Bone Roadhouse in Minnesota.

Gallagher a comedian known for smashing watermelons and whatever else he could find during his comedy act. His manager made a statement saying that Gallagher had suffered a "mild to serious" heart attack and will be hospitalized for the next several days.

According to Gallagher's website, he was scheduled to perform in Lewisville, TX last night before heading off to El Paso and Woodlands, TX in the next two days. The comedian had dates listed until December.

If you have never seen Gallagher in action here are some clips of his hilarious comedy.