What impact does the City's Water Conservation Program have on citizens as well as other customer's purchasing water from the City?


As of August 30th, 2011 the City was still under Stage I Water Restrictions (e.g. Voluntary restriction) due to the excessive drought conditions our region has experienced.  It should be noted that the overall degree of impact can only be measured through the currently declared water restriction stage at any given point in time.  In other words, the impact can be casual or extreme in nature based upon the enforced conservation stage.  The primary purpose of this policy/program is to protect the life, safety and welfare of the general public in emergency situations such as prolonged drought conditions, water treatment and/or distribution system shortages/failures, or other natural or man-made disasters.  The program consists of 3 progressive stages ranging from voluntary restrictions up to mandatory restrictions in which substantial penalties may be applied and enforced. To learn more about the City’s Water Conservation Policy visit: