OK, I have just about heard everything.  First there was "What Your Sandwich Says About You" Then there was "What Flavor Ice Cream You Choose Says About You". Now comes "Letter of Your Dog's Name Influence His Life".

Yes, there's a website that helps you discover how the letters of your dog's name influence his or her life.  So I wondered, what about my dog Tooter?  This is what the website says about my dog Tooter

If you want a puppy that'll love you no matter what, overlook your shortcomings and understands all your moods, then start your dog's name with a "T" letter. He or she will always be right there to encourage you no matter the task.  (Nope, that's not her.  I think she was a cat in a previous life.)

What about David's dog Rowdy?

A dog whose name starts with an "R" or who has more than one of these letters in his or her name is a joy to be around. They love everyone and want to be helpful. After all, that is his or her role in life. And this puppy is generally rewarded for their good deeds.  (Actually, this is pretty accurate although he's always under foot is more like it.  He loves to help but most times just gets in the way.)

They also say that if your dog name starts with the letter M as in Maggie; you'll find a puppy who is very imaginative but that is also not sure whether he or she should be.  Really?  Seriously?

Well, if you want to see what you've done to your dogs psyche by naming them something you probably shouldn't have, here is the website PuppyDogName.com Have fun!