I have had two warrants out for my arrest in my lifetime.  Both started with overdue library books.  That's pretty serious stuff.  I am probably the nerdiest criminal ever.  For that reason (and the several hundred dollars I spent to clean up my library record) I want you to know that there is help out there:  library amnesty.

The Lawton Public Library started their amnesty on December 2nd.  It runs through February 15th.  During this time, you can return those overdue books and pay any fines.  After that time, you might be turned over to a collection agency (and that could hurt your credit score and get you some nasty phone calls).  I will say that is better than being ARRESTED, so Lawton gets points for that!

In fact, if you take advantage of the amnesty, the library will cut your fine in half.  So, without judgement or stern looks over chained spectacles . . . gather those books together, get them turned in, pay your reduced fine and then find some great reading material (which you will then set a reminder on your phone to turn in on time).

You can return books and pay fines at the main branch on 4th street or the branch on Kingswood road.