To some it was an aging, deteriorating building whose condition had made it unsafe to be occupied. To others, especially members of the Calvary Tabernacle Church, it was home, and had been for the past 79 years. But in April the landmark church became too much for the members of the 6th street church to contend with and they moved out of the building. When studies determined the repairs would be too expensive and would not provide a permanent solution to the buildings problems, the decision was made to level the historic building.

On Tuesday the 79 year old church was leveled.

Parishioners have moved the Calvary Tabernacle to a temporary location, and hope to rebuild their church on the same spot as the original building. Members of the Calvary Tabernacle Church on Southwest 6th Street moved out of the building in April because of its deteriorating condition. They determined the repairs would have been very expensive, and still would not have provided a permanent fix. And while they have temporarily relocated, the current plan is to rebuild the church in the same exact spot it was, though money is expected to be an issue. For some, the church was a second home, and seeing the destruction was like losing an member of the immediate family.

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Lead Pastor Bruce York says that family atmosphere just makes the changes so much more difficult. More so because the church has been in the neighborhood for so long, and though it wasn't the biggest church in town, it was a staple in the local 6th street community. York went on to say the toughest part of the demolition may have been the loss of the memories contained within the building's walls.

The church members hope to be able to rebuild in the same spot, but money is expected to be their biggest problem. In the meantime, they have moved just a few blocks up the road to the corner of Southwest 7th Street and Park Avenue.

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source: KSWO news