You turn on the radio or the television. And there it is. Another commercial break. Just what is it about these commercials that make them stand out and cause you to hum them all day or out of the blue start to sing it? The hook or the jingle. That catchy song or phrase that advertisers have put into the ad on purpose. And we all know that it is close to Christmas time when you hear this catchy jingle from BC Clark.





Scott's House of Flowers:

Founded in 1970, by Roy, Pearl and Mike Scott, Scott's has built a solid reputation as a friendly, helpful family owned business. Mike Scott and his wife Melody now operate the business with a dedicated and talented staff of over a dozen floral design, sales and delivery crew.

Here is there jingle...




Visit them online at Scott's Flowers. Be listening for the Name Game on KLAW!

Dutils: Water Out of Oklahoma

Once the water stops flowing, the actions you take in the next few hours will determine the final cost of the clean up. Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Visit them on line

And can you sing their jingle?



When you are on the move and lets face it who isn't? Cells_U_More has been around for awhile to assist people with their cell phone needs. Locally owned with locations in Lawton and 9 other cities in Oklahoma and 8 other outlets in Texas, Kansas and Nebraska. And of course the little boy rapping his way through the commercial!

Who can get the rapping kid out of their head?


J & J Burk Mechanical Contractors

J & J Burk Mechanical has been heating and cooling homes in the Lawton / Ft. Still area for the past 24 years. Using only the highest quality systems, we’ll guide your family toward the most energy efficient and cost effective systems for your home. Our licensed HVAC technicians are respectful, conscientious and timely, because at J & J Burk we are one big happy family. We are committed to keeping homes warm in the most bitterly cold Oklahoma winters and providing cool relief during the excruciating summer heat.

I can sing this one in my sleep.


Laugh Out Loud

Saving the best for last! The Family Fun Place. We built LOL to be THE place for you to enjoy fun, food and friends. Our games and attractions are the best in the Lawton area. The main attractions include Laser Tag, Mini Bowling, Ball-O-City, Frog Hopper and video games.

And, I think we can all of the most annoying.



Every commercial is different. Each advertiser has a method to grab your attention. This is just a small sampling of what is out there. There will be more that will catch your ear and who knows it may become one of the next favorites in Lawton.


Do you remember any local jingles that we've missed?