A man was driving more than 112pmh with his flashers on when a Maine State Trooper pulled him over and searched his trunk. The trooper was astonished of what he found!

Timothy Courtois was driving as fast as he could to get to the home of a former boss, one he had not seen in over ten years. Mr. Courtios had an entire arsenal in his trunk when he was stopped by Trooper Phil Alexander for speeding. Trooper Alexander probably had a hunch something was up when he stopped the car of Courtios but, when he searched the car he was shocked to find a small arsenal allegedly purchased the day before by Courtios. The trooper found several assault riffles and handguns with ammunition for both along with the guns Trooper Alexander found clippings of the Friday night massacre in Aurora, Co. The intended target of Courtios was a former boss that he had not seen in over ten years!

So...where do you really start with this? Seriously, a boss that you have not had contact with in over ten years gets the brunt of your rage? Not to mention that this guy is using a sinister tragedy in our nation to play out his own cold blooded plan of ambush. What is wrong with some people...well I guess if we knew that the Friday massacre might not have ever happened. Lucky for the former boss Mr. Courtios was dumb enough to drive well over any highway posted speed limit and get caught. Which also begs the question did Courtios actually want to get caught? I mean in reality if you have the where with all to buy that many guns and cut out newspaper clippings to help setup your defense. You probably would think not to speed at any point especially in excess of a 110mph!