The hats, the videos and let’s not forget those long beards: Visually, ZZ Top certainly has left a lasting impression on popular culture over the last four decades.

But many of the Texas trio’s songs are just as memorable. That is confirmed by the wide range of contemporary rock acts — including Mastodon, Coheed & Cambria, Nickelback and Wolfmother — that have recorded 11 of ZZ Top’s tunes for ‘A Tribute From Friends,’ due Oct. 11.

“When we were told there was going to be a ZZ Top tribute album a while ago and logically asked, ‘Who are we paying tribute to?’” ZZ Top said. “Then we found out that a bunch of great artists were paying tribute to us, and we were in disbelief. For the past 40 or so years, all we’ve done is get out there and crank it and try to have a good time while doing so. … we’re so delighted that our music resonates with these great musicians whom we so admire.”

Mastodon takes a crack at ‘Just Got Paid’ (which ZZ Top recorded for its 1972 album, ‘Rio Grande Mud’), Coheed covers ‘Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers’ (from 1973′s ‘Tres Hombres’), Nickelback struts its stuff on ‘Legs’ (from 1983′s ‘Eliminator’) and Wolfmother tries on ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ (from 1979′s ‘Deguello’).

In other ZZ Top-related news, guitarist Billy Gibbons says his band is targeting March or April for the release of its next album.