While I won't poke at this guy for helping a friend, I will post up for his embarrassment! This is how to remove your bumper off in one fell swoop!

Everybody knows you're not suppose to 'bump' a stuck vehicle with just straps and chains. There's nowhere for that sudden impact of energy to go! Instead, here's a pro-tip...

With two different straps, connect one to the tow hook/frame of each vehicle. Take the free ends (middle) of each strap and connect it to an old used tire. Rev up the motor, dump the clutch, and give her hell.


The tire will do two things for you. One, it'll be a big cushion for the 'bump' impact... Two, it'll act as a spring to give an extra pull after you hit the stretch. This tire method has never failed me in the field.

Afterthought - When you rev it up and dump that clutch, you're looking for a bump speed of 10-15MPH... Not the 40 this guy lost a bumper to. Be smart, or call a tow truck. They're experts.