We're your new morning show! We are Mace & Miller in the Morning Starring YOU! We want your requests, your feedback, your advise, and stories about yourself, your family and your friends. You'll hear from us but we really want to hear from you!  

We are both so happy to be on the morning show for this fun, classic hits station! Yes, we said "classic hits".  This is not an oldies station!  If you're looking for Elvis or Jerry Lee you'll have to look somewhere else. You'll find Bob, Eric, Elton, Billy, The Eagles and Journey and we might even play a little ZZ Top (if you behave yourselves). We want to know what you want to hear. It's your show, we're just pushing the buttons!

Clay tells you a little about himself in this article and Nancy tells you a LOT about herself here.

You can call us Mace and Miller, Miller and Mace or some even call us M&M in the Morning.  We don't care WHAT you call us (damn we're witty!...see what we did there...wasn't that witty!)

We'll be asking you lots of questions in the near future about what you want from YOUR station.  In the meantime, sit back, listen and enjoy.  Then CALL US!