Nothing sucks more than getting a ticket of any kind. But when you get a ticket for infractions you didn't even do, then it's just wrong.

Meet Joe Polzin of Saginaw, Michigan. Polzin got his license plate stolen back in November 2013. When he reported the stolen plate he got a replacement shortly after by the state of Michigan.

Fast forward to February and March of this year. Polzin gets notices in the mail of parking infractions caused by the person that stole his license plate. When Polzin called that the Secretary of State's office to notify them of the wrongful issue they stated they could not do anything until he provided paperwork that the plate really was stolen.

“They told me I gotta prove myself innocent before they’ll do anything about the tickets," Polzin told WNEM-TV.

When Polzin showed the paperwork to prove his innocence, the tickets remained unchanged and have now been passed to a collection agency.