We're sorry, Baby Boomer parents.

We beg your forgiveness from the very depths of our millennial hearts -- right next to our love for dubstep music and the new iOS 7 update.

It's true that our generation as a whole is a day-dreamy, lazy, narcissistic group incapable of wiping our own butts without Siri's instructional wisdom. Our lives are overcrowded with sexting each other pictures of our naughty parts. With holding down part-time retail jobs after acquiring $60,000 college degrees in communications and beer pong. And with constructing trophy cases large enough to structurally hold all the awards we got as kids for "effort".

The fact is all these newfangled distractions haven't left us time for the important tasks of our foredaddys and mommys.

You know like irreparably changing the Earth's climates. Collapsing the global economy. Or engaging in unwinnable foreign wars with no exit strategies.

These are all triumphs, mom and dad, that truly made yours The Greatest Generation.

Oh, wait. That was your parents. Our bad.

Still, here's a trophy anyway. Just for being you. :)