There are around 7.2 billion people on earth right now.  Every two seconds that number increases.  Our growing population, though, is not the headline today -- it's the growing population of active mobile devices.

In February, the International Telecommunications Union said active mobile devices will outnumber humans at some point in the year.  Well, that day has arrived.

There are now slightly more connected mobile devices than there are people to use them.

How is that possible with so much of the world in so desperate a situation?  I can tell you in my home, there are three cell phones, two tablets and three iPods in constant use.  So for each person in my home, there are 2.6 active devices.

I can't be the only one thinking there is a sci-fi novel in there somewhere (where the machines will take over the planet and get rid of us pesky humans).  I've actually read / seen several movies and books that cover JUST such a situation.  In our race to make our machines smarter . . . are we, as humans, getting dumber?  Feel free to reply (although I would consider doing it from a desktop as your phone might remember and hold it against you when the mechanized apocalypse happens).