'Flappy Birds' the latest Mobile Game that has thousands of users clinging to their devices. However, fans aren't jumping for joy, they're pulling their hair out of frustration.

The object is simple, tap the screen to maneuver the bird through the obstacles, sounds simple right? Well it's not.

You have to time the taps just right, to strong or weak and you can miss the opening of the pipes you have to navigate through. Not strong enough and you can hit the pipes before clearing them.

It's aggravating, after constant tries you just want to throw your mobile in the garbage disposal or even in a raging river to be swept away by the rapids feeling the wrath of nature.

Or you can have the last laugh by deleting the app and showing it who's boss. Then you'll just want to prove it wrong and end up re-downloading it to try to beat your highest score.

I dare you to beat my high score of 2!

The mobile game is free to download at the app store for iPhone and Android.