Here it is. The most messed up video of the year (so far). It's a video showing a woman holding down a 3-year-old while he is given a tattoo on his arm. This all went down reportedly in Havana, Cuba. Shortly after the video was posted, the internet exploded with outrage - rightfully so.

You can't see what the tattoo design is in the video, but according to Gawker, the child is allegedly being branded with the mark of the beast - 666. They also report that the mother in the video is a member of some cult called the Growing in Grace International Ministry. The cult is based around a guy who claims he's the second coming of Jesus AND the Antichrist, but supposedly it's not a Satanic thing. Not buying it.

Watch the video of this mom forcing her son to get a tattoo above.
WARNING: It's pretty disturbing to hear this kid cry out, as he is inked against his will.

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