As they did with Brantley Gilbert's cover of 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue are offering a taste of another track from ‘Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute To Motley Crue' with their own commentary. This time, it's the Mavericks' take on 'Dr. Feelgood' and, as you can tell from the video above, no one is as shocked by the reinterpretation of the song as much as they are.

As Nikki Sixx says, "This song really brought the lyrics out, because the song is based around a drug dealer and how it all went down...But it was great storytelling, and the song's great and the riff's great. These guys just added that whole Latin country -- actually, I think they kind of smoked us on one this a little bit."

Vince Neil gives a little bit more imagery "You feels like you're in Miami during a drug bust," he says, before adding, "I would never have thought 'Dr. Feelgood' could be like this, with the horns and the kind of salsa [rhythm]."

Formed in Miami in 1991, the Mavericks earned critical acclaim for blending traditional country with Latin rhythms. After breaking up in 2004, they reunited a few years ago for a new album and a tour.

‘Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute To Motley Crue' arrives on Aug. 19. The first single and video from the album, Justin Moore's take on 'Home Sweet Home,' debuted earlier this week.