Space the final frontier.  The words we would hear as Star Trek came on the television.  And with in minutes we would see the pointy ears of Mr. Spock.  The original show long off main TV but in syndication forever, will undoubtedly be a sci-fi classic with any generation.  And with that comes the all of the other advantages or disadvantages of being on a show of that caliber.  The "Star Trek Conventions."

This last weekend in Chicago, Leonard Nimoy attend the convention one last time.  He just turned 80 and wants to unwind.  He did speak at the convention for an hour and reflected on his life and career as a member of the original Star Trek and the movies that followed.

At the end of his time at the podium, he gave his famous four finger "V" for Vulcan and thanked the fans for all of the support over the years and finished with "Live long and prosper.  With that his ears have been retired.

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