First, let me state this... I'm not entirely sure what went down during the most entertaining thing to hit my Facebook feed in a while.

On the left side of the first pic below, you'll notice a white hooded figure. If you're as nerdy as I am, you'll instantly see Batman with a white suit on.

Now, nobody can seem to agree what it is. It's far too thin and tall to be by buddy... Maybe the mrs, but there are also a couple of Great Dane pooches running around that house. Maybe, just possibly, one of those horse-dogs was rearing up as the shutter snapped. Or not. I'm not even sure what to believe. Whatever it is, it's creepy.

What I can tell you is this... The collective friends may have been trolled by a master, or the joking is just his way to cope with utter paranormal fear. Either way, it ruled the web.

I'm pretty convinced this whole line of awesomeness will go on for years, and I'm looking forward to that.

STATUS UPDATE: Five months later, the secret is still being held. Nobody has either determined and/or admitted to these shenanigans.