Who wants money? We all do! And you have an opportunity to join the growing list of winners! 

Congratulations to

  • Adam Graber
  • Alfred Rossy
  •  Elyse Rieman
  •  Nico Birdwell
  • Sue Tibbits

They are just the first 5 winners of $1,000 in the My Money Mayhem from Scotts House of Flowers.

My Money Mayhem is here, from Scott’s House of Flowers! 2 chances each weekday in May to score a THOUSAND DOLLARS, plus register for TEN THOUSANDS DOLLARS all month long at MY1073fm.com. As a MY STUFF member, you can use points to get the cue-to-call times each day! Details in the MY STUFF section of My1073.com 

Two chances to win EVERY weekday in May So, listen for the Q2Call then be the 25th caller to 877-854-WINS (877-854-9467) Keep listening and join our ever growing list of winners on MY1073!