All the drugs in your cabinet you are not actively using need to be destroyed.  We've got the places to do that safely.

You can take your outdated prescription drugs to the following locations:

  • Comanche County Sheriff's Office (basement of the courthouse)
  • Lawton Police Department (in the foyer)
  • Comanche Nation Police Department (Comanche Nation Complex)
  • Ft. Sill Exchange
  • Altus AFB Commissary

So, why is this important?  The majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends.  You don't want to be responsible for an OD of someone you love or for fueling their addiction.

Why can't you flush them down the toilet?  Because the stuff you flush gets into the water supply.  That doesn't mean we're all drinking Vicodin every day, but it does mean our resources and our water are harder to clean with all the things like antibiotics swimming in there.

So, go through those cabinets.  If you get sick again, go back to the doctor for a new prescription.  Get rid of the old stuff and secure your medication so people (who want to steal it) or kids (who are just curious) don't accidentally get into a bad situation.