Oklahoma experienced 585 magnitude 3+ earthquakes in 2014 compared to 109 events recorded in 2013. This rise in seismic events has the attention of scientists, citizens, policymakers, media and industry. See what information and research state officials and regulators are relying on as the situation progresses.

That's the first paragraph from the new Earthquakes.ok.gov website.

The state government launched the site at almost the same time they released a statement from the Oklahoma Geological Survey on Oklahoma Seismicity (which is my new favorite word).

There is a section on the site where you can compare the activity to the known fracking waste disposal sites.  First, you'll be shocked at both how many disposal sites are in Oklahoma and by the number of earthquakes we have had this year alone.

There is even a handy FAQ section so you can learn more about what is happening.  Here is an excerpt from that FAQ:

Is oil and gas exploration causing Oklahoma’s earthquakes?

Not precisely. Most seismologists, including the Oklahoma Geological Survey, agree that the primary suspected source of triggered seismicity is not from hydraulic fracturing but from the subsequent disposal of produced water.