As if it were in the master-plans all along, Nike came out and made it official... We're getting our Nike Mags, complete with power laces!

You know how everyone has a movie that takes them back down memory lane? My dad always talks about 'Cold Turkey' as his childhood favorite... my mom can only remember the terrifying 'pig face' episode of The Twilight Zone... My point being, everyone has a film that takes them back...

For me, it's the Back to the Future trilogy. Sure, I've had many bar stool debates whether it's a trilogy or not, but I digress. I can remember the wonder and magic of these movies as some of my earliest memories.

Even when I hear a Huey Lewis and the News song, I'm six years old, home from school, and watching BTTF on HBO, and getting in trouble for calling people "son of a b***h." Something I picked up from Biff when he crashed into the manure truck. That was the glory daze of the 80's back when movies were awesome, fashion was neon, and HBO was worth paying for...

I'll never forget the scene when McFly landed in the year 2015 to save his identical son. Doc Brown gave him some digs to were, and included were the greatest shoes ever made... The Nike Mag with power laces. Even in the make-believe world of the movies, those were more futuristic than the lightsaber!

These days, we're seeing a lot of BTTF technology in real life. Biometric scanners, hands-free video game controllers, videophones, drones and hovercams, full color 3D movies, alternative fuel cars and the idea of Mr. Fusion... We even officially have hoverboards! The technology is getting here, so long as we don't have to wear all the goofy clothing.

Now, a few years ago, Nike made 1500 pairs of these shoes were made and auctioned off to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Those 3,000 shoes raised $4.7million for Parkinson's research.

While you can still find them online today, they aren't cheap... The only pair still new in the box currently listed on Ebay has a 'Buy It Now' price of $8,999.00... and they still charge almost $90 to ship them!

Something tells me the price of these shoes, while more than likely expensive, will level out the current cost. Now, Nike hasn't released any details on how much these kicks will run, or when they'll be out, but if you factor in the Air Jordans currently listed for $345, the best estimate is the Nike Mag (with power laces!) will be somewhere between $400-$1000.

That's not encouraging at all... but as with anything, you can bet I'll be on the lookout for a pair of $50 counterfeits!

Until then, I guess it's business as usual.