Love him or hate him, there's no denying Derek Jeter's place in baseball history. And with tonight's MLB All-Star game being the 40-year-old's last, Nike has unveiled its tribute commercial that will air tonight before Jeter's final at-bat.

The commercial features an all star lineup of New Yorkers, including Jay-Z, Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, Billy Crystal (a life-long Yankee fan) and Spike Lee, all giving Jeter their respect. The legendary Yankee infielder even gets a tip of the hat from Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

With gritty cinematography that oozes New York City, this is probably going to be a very popular commercial -- especially in New York. The spot even got this Red Sox fan to tip his navy blue cap to the Yankees captain. Respect is earned and not given, and you have earned RE2PECT.