According to a new study of 2,000 people, the average person spends an hour of work each day on personal stuff, or just wasting time online. 

And not just to deal with a few odds and ends. Each day, the average worker does nine different non-work-related tasks.

1. Checking personal emails. OK, Who has not done this on the company clock?

2. Reading news sites. Guilty as charged. But I am required to keep up with current events. You too?

3. Checking the weather. This is important. We need to know how to plan out the rest of our work day and into the evening.

4. Logging on to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Cannot go a day with out the latest news and gossip of all of our favorite friends.

5. Online banking. Would only do this if absolutely necessary. Otherwise I'll do it later from my home.

6. Paying bills. This goes hand in hand with number 5.

7. Planning vacations. If you do it on break or lunch time I see nothing wrong with this.

8. Shopping for clothes online. This is a huge issue in many companies.

9. Calling friends. On the company phone they can track your calls and time spent on that call. If you must, use your personal phone.

So just how many of these are you guilty of?