It's hard to say which state's the worst for speeding tickets - because from your perspective, it's the state where you got pulled over and hit with a huge fine. 

But from a more objective standpoint, these are the nine U.S. states that are the most evil when it comes to speeding tickets. Here are the state you need to be careful in while driving.

Most Expensive First Offense:

Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada, and New Hampshire. In all five states, you're looking at a fine of up to $1,000 on a first offense and potentially a year in jail if you were speeding in a construction or school zone.

 Most Expensive State to Fight a Ticket:

Massachusetts. If you want to fight a ticket, no matter how much it's for, you have to pay more than $300 in court fees. And they're non-refundable, even if you win.

Worst Speed Traps:

Vermont and Connecticut. Vermont has a lot of places where speed limits suddenly drop and there's a cop waiting right there to get you. But Connecticut has the most unmarked police cars in the country by far.

Most Tickets Written:

Washington D.C. There are around half a million residents in D.C. Cops write more than 430,000 tickets a year. With that many tickets given out, I think we could solve our national debt.

Where have you been pulled over outside of your local area? Did you fight it and win?