Singer-songwriter Norah Jones is best remembered for her Starbucks-friendly first album, but she's cut a much wider musical swath over the course of her career, and the latest proof is her new project, a trio dubbed Puss n Boots.

The new group, which finds Jones working alongside Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper, is currently preparing to release its first album, 'No Fools, No Fun,' on Jones' longtime label home Blue Note Records. Due July 15, the album fits five originals -- two each from Dobson and Popper and one from Jones -- alongside seven covers. "We had talked about recording for a long time," said Popper in a press release. "The record is a snapshot of what we do, warts and all."

Although 'No Fools, No Fun' will be the first many fans have heard of Puss n Boots, they've actually been performing together for some time; they made their live debut in 2008, and have made appearances at such high-profile gatherings as the Bridge School Benefit and the Get Out the Vote tour. Among the covers chosen for the album is the trio's version of Neil Young's 'Down by the River,' which is embedded at the top of this post.

"‘Down By The River’ is one of my all time favorite Neil Young recordings and I’ve always had this fantasy of playing it and rocking the guitar solo," Jones explained. "I never really thought I’d have the guts to do it, but that’s sort of what this band has always been about, trying new things. We always egg each other on, whether it was Sasha playing drums, or Cat singing an original song for the first time on stage."