The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is over and you must turn over remote control to the football fans in your house on Thanksgiving Day.  But YOU are not a fan. . . so what do you do?  No reason to suffer in silence and no reason to bluster loudly and ruin THEIR fun.  Here are some game time activities that you can do while THEY watch:

1. 11:30 Packers vs. Lions This is still prime cooking time.  Depending on when you celebrate, you could help in the kitchen for the Thanksgiving brunch.  Grab a laptop or portable DVD player and bring it in with you to watch the first of your favorite Christmas movies of the season.  Check out the Thanksgiving Crafts with Kids post and give a little extra kick to your table.

2.  3:15 Dolphins vs. Cowboys If you try to eat during this game . . .you might be in for a world of annoyance as some members will insist the TV stay on.  However, hold your ground.  If your Thanksgiving is not till later, go out to your favorite convenience store and grab a paper.  This is the PERFECT opportunity to plan your Black Friday adventure.  If a member of your family is going with you, sit down and map out where you are going, what you need and organize all the inserts in the paper.  It might also be a good time to sneak to the computer and check out any digital deals you might want to scoop up.

3.  7:20  San Fran vs. Baltimore By now, the turkey is in to-go containers, you are stuffed with stuffing and the football lovers in your family are snoozing on the couch watching the last of today's games.  This is the perfect time to get those lights out of the garage and start testing to make sure your tree decorating will be smooth sailing.  Test each strand, untangle them and decide how many more you need (and you ALWAYS need more).  Add that to your shopping list for tomorrow.  This is also a perfect time to fix your football fan a turkey sandwich for tomorrow's lunch, just to say 'I love you'.  When the table is cleaned off, bring out a big puzzle, the box of dominoes or a deck of cards and spend time chatting and laughing with your friends and family.  That is the perfect way to relax while you hear the snores coming from the other room.  Turn on your radio or find your favorite Christmas CD and start feeling the holiday spirit.