Imagine your 5-year-old is dressed and ready for school in his favorite team shirt. Only to find out when he arrives at school that his favorite shirt is not allowed due to school dress codes. Now a grown-up asks your child to turn the shirt inside out so the logo doesn’t show – what do you do?

That is exactly what happened to Cooper Barton a student at Wilson Elementary in Oklahoma City, who wore his favorite Michigan Wolverines shirt. Barton was told by the school he is not allowed to wear the shirt because it violates the Oklahoma City Public Schools dress code. According to the dress code students are only allowed to wear Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or apparel from any other Oklahoma school.

Cooper's mother, Shannon Barton, was unhappy with the incident.  When asked what she thought about the whole ordeal, Barton said: 'They should really worry about academics, It wasn't offensive, he's five.'

So I guess our school officials don't have any Thunder spirit cause according to their policy students are prohibited from wearing Oklahoma City Thunder gear to class. The district says the dress code was created in 2005 in order to help of an Anti-Gang Task Force. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Are you a team school officials or team Cooper Barton?