Last year, Oklahoma repelled Common Core from the state's education curriculum and now Oklahoma's AP History courses and possibly the AP program could be cancelled.

HB 1380 called for changes in the AP History lesson plans to put less emphasize on 'the bad of America' and put more emphasis on America’s founding principles of Constitutional government.

During the debate on the bill, it was discussed that AP courses offered by schools are similar to Common Core and could potentially be removed from Oklahoma schools if found that AP courses violate the legislative repel from last year.

According to the College Board, a private organization that works with high school and college facilities to allow high school students to earn college credit:  "AP courses are meant to help high school students that are capable of taking on a university-level workload."

The bill has already been passed by the State House Committee and if this bill passes in the Senate and is signed by Governor Fallin, then all AP courses could be questioned and potentially removed from Oklahoma schools. The Oklahoma Department of Education would also have to find or create a new History program.

The attorney state general is currently reviewing if AP courses are violating legislation on the Common Core repel.