15-year old Christian Lunsford from Bethany, Oklahoma is a great guy.  His father Shane, not so much.

Shane was arrested last month for stealing Tona Herndon's purse while she was visiting the grave of her late husband a the Bethany Cemetary. When Christian found out about it, he decided to make things right.

Christian recently received $250 in the mail from his father, who he's not close to. When he found out about the mugging, he decided the money was probably stolen and set out to find the woman it likely belonged to. Christian managed to track down Tona and arranged a meeting with her on Sunday (Sept 8) to giver her the money.

But when Christian met up with Tona, things didn't quite turn out the way he thought they would. When they met in the parking lot of Christian's church, he handed her the cash, she thanked him, and then she gave the money right back to him. "I was very surprised actually," Christian said. "I didn't expect that at all, but it meant a lot."

Tona says she was impressed by how thoughtful and honest Christian was, and that the gesture meant more to her than the $250 did.  "He gave and I received, and I gave and he received. So it worked out." She said.

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