Justin Harrel, a man that was wanted in two counties was arrested last Friday in Elk City, OK. However Lieutenant Detective Steve Bonds made the arrest, Harrel had a strange request for the arresting officer.Harrel was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend Elaina Rios, during Elk City's 'Christmas In The Park' event.

Harrel resisted arrest at first but was eventually put in handcuffs where the man with two outstanding warrants. Before being taken away Harrel requested to ask his girlfriend an important question before being transported to jail.

Elk City Police Chief Eddie Holland explained that the situation played out like this:

[Harrel]: ‘Can you give me five minutes? Can you give me five minutes?’

[Det. Bonds]: ‘What’s the deal?’

[Harrel]: ‘I’m just fixing to propose to my girlfriend.’

[Det. Bonds]: ‘You’re kidding.’

[Harrel]: ‘No I’m just now, right now…Can I go ahead and do that?’

[Det. Bonds]: ‘Yeah, go ahead and do that.’

[Harrel]: ‘Can you uncuff me?’

[Det. Bonds]: ‘No’”

The detective then reach into Harrel's coat pocket for the engagement ring to give to Rios who answered "Yes" to the proposal.

It it a memory that will last forever, for it is documented in the police report. The detective did not report the initial resisting arrest.

""Policing at its best with a heart," Chief Holland told KWTV News 9 "And it's Christmas time. People have lives, and we help them our best to live those lives."

Today, Harrel is now in the Washita County jail for obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus checks.