On Wednesday afternoon, Lawton / Ft. Sill media outlets were encouraged to spread the word about a new program called Move For Hunger which gives you the opportunity to donate your food items you can't move with you.

Since we have so many people coming in and out of our community because of industry changes or being re-assigned at Ft. Sill, there is usually strict regulations on what a mover can and cannot pack and move for you.  One thing they don't touch is food stuffs in glass bottles and most people end up either giving to friends or thowing away hundreds of dollars of unused food.

Move For Hunger partners with local moving companies to take all your unopened food items to the local food bank at no cost to you, and great benefit to the community.

Currently, City Moving and Storage is participating in the program in Oklahoma, but this is just the beginning and there is plenty of room to grow and add more moving companies.

Move For Hunger also encourages you to just drop off your donation of "food that can't come with us" by the Lawton / Ft. Sill Area Food Bank before you leave town.

2,000 pounds of food have already been donated locally through the new program.