Our favorite December tradition, Operation Santa Claus, is still rolling strong in Texoma this year. Bikes are still being gathered for area children.

We spent a full 24 hours on the lot at Jim Glover Chevrolet last Thursday and Friday, and at the time I'm writing this out, 335 bicycles have been donated on the lot for some of the less fortunate children in the area!

While that is awesome, beating last years number (301), the goal is still 400 bicycles in Lawton.

Duncan got in on the action this year too! Byford Chevrolet on Highway 81 is also collecting bicycles for the kids over in that area. While the response has been good, they're still looking to add bikes to the cause!

Now that payday has come, I think the goals will be met, but you should get involved!

Both Jim Glover and Byford Chevy will be gathering bicycles through the rest of the week. Challenge your friends to get involved. Kick in ten bucks each, and donate. Just one bicycle could be the difference between all of these kids getting a gift, or one getting left out.

Drop off your bikes at either location:

Jim Glover Chevrolet - 82nd and Cache Road in Lawton
Byford Chevrolet - 1909 N. Highway 81 in Duncan (right next to WalMart)

This is the time for giving, give what you can.