In what might be the biggest 'thing' to hit Lawton sports in a very, very long time... 2016 is the year our local high schools sports has made the jump to TV-type coverage. You can actually sit down, log on, and watch the games live in glorious HD!

You also hear some familiar voices, giving their top-notch, pro-level play-by-play commentating. This year, the award winning broadcast duo Eric Sharum and Jay Burk have taken a huge leap, creating the Oklahoma Sports Network.

As soon as the news broke, I knew it was going to be a wonderful thing. For the last few years, I've been watching Hollis Tiger football online when they traveled too far away. Now, Big Mac, Lawton High, and Elgin Owl fans will get to experience that too any way they want. Watch it on the pc or tablet at home, take it on the go with their smartphone, or stream it directly to the big screen through wifi. It's limitless!

Knowing that with a little new technology comes a steep learning curve, but OSN has built a sleek and simple website that anyone should be able to use with ease. Simply put, you click the team you want to watch, and the game comes up, and you're instantly watching football on your laptop, tablet, phone, or even on your TV.

While we're already into week 2, here are the official schedules for the the rest of the season that OSN is bringing to you.

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When the season finally gets here, you'll know where to find the games.