And the Paula Deen saga continues.

Deen was recently fired from the Food Network after the media frenzy that followed her admission to having used the N-word, and now a questionable video of Paula Deen talking about and introducing her black friend has surfaced.

During a video interview with the "New York Times" last year, Paula Deen admitted that her great-grandfather was devastated when the Civil War ended, because he didn't think he could run his plantation without slaves.

But then, to prove she wasn't a racist, she introduced a black friend named Hollis Johnson. But how she did it is the kicker.

Pointing to a black backdrop behind her, Deen described Hollis as, "black as that board."

Then she yelled to him, "Come out here Hollis, we can't see you standing against that dark board."  And luckily, the whole thing was caught on video.

Paula Deen is digging an even deeper hole for herself with all her awful apologies. In fact, in the latest one, she says her pot has only called the kettle black once.

Watch Paula Deen introduce her black friend in the worst way possible: