The economy stinks. Lets face it. Everything cost more now. From groceries to gas, clothes to class.  It never ends.  

The airlines started adding extra fees a few years ago when gas prices started to cut into the money they were making.  Some started a baggage charged for more than one.  Then came the idea, small amount for one larger amount for 2 or more.  Then you get charged for a blanket or pillow on some flights.

Forget the food.  If you want something to eat, get it before you board the plane.  I saw a man at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport bring on a bag from a major restaurant chain. They all have their different rates and charts they go by for food service on airline carriers. The longer the flight the more food service you will receive. Short flights, forget it you do not even see peanuts now.

But Wednesday, Frontier Airlines announced they will start charging to carry on a bag to the plane. Yes, you are reading correct.

The new carry-on fee is for bags in the overhead bin, so small bags under the seat will still be free. Frontier said it will charge $25 if the fee is paid in advance, $100 if travelers wait to pay until they're at the gate.

So on top of some of the fight ticket fares you will now have to pony up a note to get the bag onto the plane.  Oh and a soda will cost $2. But you can keep the can. Pretty soon you will have to rent the seats in the terminal area while you are waiting for your flight - which will more than likely be delayed.

The airline based out of Denver says it has a loyal base of customers in its home city of Denver, but its business is shrinking and losing money. I wonder why.

Do you want to pay to carry you bags on a plane?