December 7, 1941. Just before 8am a surprise attack on the Naval and land forces took the lives of over 2400 people and injured scores more. Not surprisingly, this propelled America into World War Two.   No need to rehash here what transpired over the next few years.  What is important this day 7o years later, is what will we remember.  Are we teaching future generations about the travesty that took place that Sunday morning in Hawaii?  Or are we just hoping that it will fade into the sunset as many other historical events have?  Do we eventually want it to be phased out of history books in our schools?

Of the roughly 16.1 million individuals that were serving our country during the war, less that 2 million are alive on this 70th anniversary.  We as a Nation are losing a piece of our heritage right before our eyes.  Before the 75th anniversary rolls around there will only be a handful and good Lord willing they will once again be able to tell us of that fateful day.

Listen.  We owe them a debt of gratitude that cannot be fully repaid.  Many brave men still are entombed inside the USS Arizona awaiting the final liberty call.  Each year the numbers grow smaller and smaller as do the observances that are conducted.  What a shame on us.  Are that busy that we cannot pause and reflect?

I hope you will on this day.  This is being posted at the exact time of the attack.  It is a fitting tribute to my fellow shipmates and other service men who gave it all for their country.


Naval History and Heritage